4 Ways To Create An Emotional Connection For Retail Success

by Brandon Wright February 14, 2019
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Let’s get emotional for a minute, after all, today is Valentine’s Day. A day full of love, chocolate and lots of $$$ spent. What is it about holidays that gets people pumped to spend money? You guessed it. It’s the feeling, the anticipation, and the memories created. When you tie emotions to an experience it becomes stronger.

Motista is a company that makes money by predicting emotional connections. They recently came out with a Top 50 list of companies ranked by emotional connection. More specifically, how much consumers connect their values, desires, and/or aspirations to a brand.

According to BusinessWire, “Increasing a brand’s emotionally connected consumers by one percent, on average, equates to an increase in revenue upwards of $85 million, dependent upon the brand and industry.”

Want to create a lifelong customer? Create a connection.

Here are 4 Ways To Connect With Your Customers:

  1. Personal Selling

Shoppers these days pretty much expect you to know what they want. They know when they search for items online that they will get pixeled and all of a sudden they are seeing pictures everywhere of the shoes they were researching last week.

In person, it’s a little harder, but the expectation is still there from the shopper. They want to be sold personally. They want you to tell them the best jeans for them and bring out all the colors and already know the size. Salespeople need a good CRM to keep track of individual customer info.

2. Keep in Touch (Text)

How are you keeping in touch with your customers? Are you calling them up out of the blue? Sending snail mail? Emailing? Those are all great but texting is the next best thing.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again but texting is the lowest barrier form of communication. 90% of people read their texts within 3 minutes of receiving them. It’s almost the most personal form of communication second only to in-person chats (or maybe a phone call).

Texts are convenient for your sales associates and your customers. You can read/respond at your leisure and it’s not as stressful as a phone call. An easy way to keep in touch.

3. Listen

Better yet, ask for feedback. How often do you give your customers the opportunity to give suggestions? Creating an emotional connection takes time and mutual work. That means give and take.

Traditional retail is all about take, take, take. Why do you think Amazon and Walmart have an emotional connection score of 17-18% compared to BMW’s 60% score? The big boys are missing the emotional connection.

4. Go Above and Beyond

BusinessWire said it best, “These findings illustrate how merchandising, convenience, and seemingly minimal cross-channel experience strategies for consumers have been commoditized. These brands are missing the mark on identifying the precise emotions that align with the behaviors that drive the most profitable growth.”

Emotional Shoppers: Are You Creating A Connection?

Having a good product, solid marketing, and experienced salespeople aren’t enough anymore. If you want your brand to stand apart from the rest, you need to create an emotional connection, an amazing experience, and a real relationship. And there’s no better time to start, then now. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Brandon Wright

Brandon is the Founder and CEO of Clientbook (a clienteling tool for retailers that increases in-store foot traffic and sales).

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